Barrel Horse Breeders

2018 About Us

Joshua 24:15  But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.

brand on black hide


Our brand stands for our statement of faith.  You see the cross, the bottom bar points up in an arrow, and the K is formed by the bar of the cross facing down.  This represents we (the K) bow down before, and hope our lives point to—the Cross and all it means.



SCA Colt fly

2019: Colt is a Certified Flight Instructor and also Instrument Flight Instructor in Dallas, TX. He has half of his flight hours completed before meeting airline pilot application criteria, so it wont be long now. Mom and Dad get to fly free once he gets on with the airlines!

2018 Update: Colt has earned his pilot licence and Instrument Licence, fulfilling his dream to fly since he was a little bitty. He is completing his commercial training now, and will be in certified flight instructor academy by Christmas. After a year of instructing he goes on to the airlines!

He is also a professional custom knife maker with his own website:! Here is a link to Colt’s Web-site:

Kip has begun some private cattle nutrition consulting business.

business card kip

business card kip


2016: Colt is off to college at Tarleton State, Go Texans! Texas is Heaven on Earth and we are so thankful God allowed us to get here as soon as we could.

2015 – Congrats and we are so proud of Colt.  He won 2nd in the State of Texas at the THSRA State Finals Trap Shoot, and went on to win 4th at the National Finals High School Rodeo Trap Shoot in Rock Springs, Wy the summer of 2014.  He has been selected as the NHSRA Ambassador to the National Rifle Assn (NRA) and will travel and make appearances with the NRA Youth Ambassador Team from several different organizations.  He is a wonderful young man and God has blessed us mightily.



Formerly North of Sioux Falls, SD , we are tickled to announce that we have “gone to Texas”!  As of August 2012, we moved just South of Abilene, TX.  When Kip and I first met, he asked me where I wanted to live.  I said “I’m goin to Texas!”  He said, “Well, I’m goin to Montana, so this deal isn’t going to work”!  So a year later we got married and went to Montana.  It has taken 21 years of moving up and down the high plains to get me to Texas, but it was worth the wait.  LOVE IT HERE!

We only run 10 head so every year if we keep a foal we sell a horse.  Any horse you see on the site is for sale, some just for more money!  We try to set fair

prices on the horses we have decided to sell, and offer honest representation of the horse, references if needed, and service after the sale.  If you do good on our horses – we do good to, so we want you to be thrilled with a horse from Cross Arrow K.  Call anytime to kick tires, visit, or trade stories about bloodlines.  We have made many lifetime friends from customers!

Goodbye South Dakota!

You treated us well and life there was a blessing, but we don’t miss your snow!

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